How 360 VR Videos Can Transform Your Business’s Marketing Game

In today’s increasingly digital world, 360 VR videos are one of the most effective marketing tools for helping businesses land new, tech savvy clients. By delivering a modern and interactive experience, 360 VR videos produce higher audience engagement and increased ad viewership.

The VR market is already valued at 28 billion and expected to increase by 15% in the next decade, which means that incorporating 360 VR videos into your marketing strategy is an important way to remain competitive. Here’s what you need to know about how 360 VR videos can take your business’s marketing game to the next level:

What Does Marketing With 360 VR Videos Look Like?

Incorporating 360 videos in your marketing provides a unique opportunity for your users to become acquainted with your product or service and experience it in ways that simply aren’t possible with traditional marketing techniques. What does this look like?

With 360 VR video, your users can enjoy a completely unique immersive experience. This could mean exploring your virtual 3D showroom, testing and interacting with your product or service, or taking a 360 degree tour of your facility–possibilities are limitless.

Benefits of Using 360 VR Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of incorporating 360 videos in your marketing strategy:

Increase Audience Engagement

Research shows that replacing a traditional advertisement with 360 VR video can increase viewership by almost 29 percent. Based on the same study, viewers are also twice as likely to watch an advertisement with 360 VR video from beginning to end. Because 360 VR is so immersive, your audience can experience your product or service in the most lifelike way possible, and even form a memorable and lasting bond with your product or service.

Distraction Free Experience

One of the biggest pain points in the marketing world is capturing your audience’s attention for long enough to show them your product. Fortunately, incorporating 360 immersive experiences in your marketing allows you to interact with your users in a distraction free environment, which is an advantage practically unheard of in the marketing world. Users will enjoy a 360 degree, immersive experience that feels real and unique to them, and for several minutes, you’ll have their undivided attention.

Impress Your Audience

Using 360 VR videos in your marketing is a great way to make a lasting impression on your audience. Not only are most users impressed by advanced VR technology, research also indicates that it’s more likely to be memorable for them. According to the 70-20-10 rule, 70% of our learning is experiential. This means that having hands on experiences with your brand will leave a lasting impression that regular marketing techniques simply can’t offer.

Try 360 VR Videos Today!

The benefits of incorporating 360 VR videos into your marketing strategy are limitless. You’ll see increased audience engagement, capture your audience’s undivided attention, and make a lasting impression with your advanced and impressive technology.

At Virtual 3D Studios, we offer sophisticated and high quality solutions for your business’s virtual reality needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can create an immersive, 360 degree solution for your brand.


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